Grapefull Sisters Vineyard

New Shop Item: Cranberry – Walnut Jam. Camping T-shirts and grape lights Himalayan PinkSalt, the world’s purist salt with 84 minerals, mined by hand from the Himalayan mountains. Hand painted wine glasses by resident artist, Sheila.

Vineyard Located within 20-30 minutes drive from Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, Cherry Grove Beach, Tabor City, and Whiteville. Just miles from the beaches of North Carolina and South Carolina.

Health Benefits of our grapes..
The Muscadine grapes, known as “Native American Grapes”, are naturally low in sugar and are extremely high in antioxidants (resveratrol) 40 times higher in antixodants than other vinifera grapes.

“Dr. Serge Renaud, a French scientist and pioneer in alcohol research, told us that moderate drinking can reduce heart attacks by 50 percent. Dr. Renaud believes, along with many other doctors, that antioxidants in wine help prevent damage to blood vessels, help prevent heart disease and that alcohol and as many as 400 other chemicals in wine raise the level of HDLs in blood, the so-called good cholesterol that helps prevent heart attack and stroke.” – Morley Safer, Reporter, 60 Minutes on CBS

Muscadine Grapes Contain Highest Level of Antioxidants Ever Tested in a Natural Product: “Cheers! Here’s to your health”!!!!

Daily Wine Tasting from 1-6 PM