January 2014

Bringing you a fresh and more innovative approach to all things Tilghman this winter season, your quarterly Homeowner Newsletter will have the latest information pertaining to what’s going on at Tilghman Beach & Golf Resort. Plus, get valuable bits on how you can get more out of your condominium. The smart way to keep you in the know, remember that a new look always brings possibilities.


New website launch:

 After many months of strategizing and revamping of ideas, the new Tilghman Beach & Golf Resort website has officially launched!

 –Thanks to the designs by Collins & Company Creative Marketing Communications group and the programming choreographed by the folks at our new web host, Fuel Interactive, the site is optimized to give new visitors more while making your condominium that much more appealing. This new online look will put us into the right scope when it comes to getting the word out about our property.


 New branding:

 C&C (Collins & Company) invented a theme that captures exactly what we want people to know about Tilghman and that there is Room to Relax!

 – The new image takes a step up from the previous brand in which we’ve evolved the “Tilghman Experience” into something much more personal and attainable as soon as potential guests begin to inquire about the resort. The “Room to Relax” ideal is essential in capturing families and big groups such as those looking to book wedding parties, reunions and other major events that need the space to hold a large number of people. With this branding as the driving force to generating a new demographic of potential customers, we hope to see the outcome of this speak volumes in sales.


Other News:

Homeowners Meeting (3/15) @ 10am

Tilghman homeowners meeting at 9am (same day)

Ocean Drive Resort



Tilghman Resort 2014 Brochure:


- With 25,000 out and ready to be distributed to households who are looking to head to the beach this summer, this is the time for us to hit all circuits and use both web and print materials to capture a greater potential audience!


New Carpet & Painting Upgrades:

The feedback has been absolutely amazing! Your decision to take a step into making your rental more appealing and comfortable has paid off! 

For those of you who have made the choice to move forward with new carpet and paint, we hope that you are reaping the reward for such a selection! Our guests, particularly the monthly rentals are in love with the presentation and feel much more comfortable with the new carpet after sharing their thoughts about the previous flooring. Along with that, the new paint adds character and compliments the warm and inviting layout of the condos. We encourage more of you to opt for the new paint and carpet upgrade as we’re sure it will boost sales and have your unit requested again and again!