Going on vacation should always come with perks! Fortunately, coming to Tilghman Beach & Golf Resort lets you take advantage of a variety of perks – but there’s one particular amenity that simply takes the cake.

Having access to FREE DVD and PlayStation 3 games is a huge plus when staying with us. Our hotel offers guests the ultimate movie experience, providing everyone with the opportunity to enjoy their stay with the simple yet dynamic feature of accessing movies with just a swipe of the card. DVD Now brings you a number of movie titles and games with new releases added every week! Much like Redbox, our DVD Now rental kiosk is situated in the lobby and it’s free of charge! Choose from a number of films as we have everything ranging from comedy to kid-friendly, action, dramas, sci-fi thrillers, horror and suspense films, documentaries and so much more!

Upon check-in, guests receive a card that will allow them to access either the red or blue machine (don’t worry, both have the same content inside) and from there, watch all the movies and play all the games you like without worrying about fees and charges to the room.

Within each condo unit is a DVD player hooked to a flat-screened television, giving you theater quality images and great booming sound. For those who are gamers and revel in the idea of playing the hottest games out this season, head to the front desk and ask to lease one of our PS3 gaming consoles. We like to stay hip to what’s happening in the world of technology so we keep the games and movies that you like within reach.

Among a number of amenities found at our North Myrtle Beach condominium hotel, having the option to rent DVDs and games for FREE give you the chance to shape your getaway into the experience you desire. No matter the weather, create your environment when staying at Tilghman Beach & Golf Resort. Call us today at 888.280.0913 and make your vacation happen for you!