Going on vacation should not drain your wallet or put you in a bind when you return home. There are many ways that you can save money when planning your trip to the beach, especially when you make plans to come to Tilghman Beach and Golf Resort! The idea to enjoy this grand stretch of South Carolina coast without causing you to lose a grip on your finances is what is important in having a successful getaway. Here are 4 HUGE tips that will allow you to save BIG on your next vacation:

4.) Accommodate your wallet by staying smart! – Hotel rooms can be very expensive, particularly if you have to book more than one and are staying for more than a weekend. Changing your perspective on how you’re choosing to vacation by going more economical in booking a condominium as opposed to a hotel room. Book a 2-3 bedroom condo at Tilghman that offers more space for less costs. Our condos are designed with multiple bathrooms, a full kitchen and dining area, appliances and utensils – everything that is necessary to enjoy a stress free trip. In addition, you get extended space offered by the balconies that overlook Ocean Boulevard, the Atlantic and Tilghman Lake, free DVD rentals, and access to all of ourspectacular amenities. This is a much better option when taking family vacations and going on getaways with large groups.

3.) OFF-Season is the new IN-Season! – Granted, the summer appears to be the ideal point of the year to go on a beach vacation as the weather is suitable for water, the activities seem to be plentiful and well, summer + beach are just synonymous! However, the prices can be way steep, the weather way too hot, and the beaches way too crowded. Fortunately, here in North Myrtle Beach, the off-season proves to be just as fruitful. Take advantage of the off-season specials and enjoy a vacation that is cheaper with less congestion. The peak-season doesn’t always scream better. You’ll have a great time still and will be glad to have extra money to spend.

 2.) Dining in instead of eating out – Going out for every meal can quickly put a ding in the vacation budget. For that reason, don’t settle for fast food when you can enjoy great taste by your own design! Our condos come fully-equipped with updated kitchens so you can bring your own groceries and snacks. You can whip up meals and save big money when you’re on vacation. Consider enjoying breakfast on the balcony and going out for lunch when the prices are cheaper, then coming back to the condo for a sunset dinner. Who says going out to eat is the definition to a great vacation?

1.) Get Local! – This is the best way to save when you go on vacation. The Myrtle Beach area offers tons of exciting free things to do throughout the year, making it easy for you to enjoy a vacation on a budget. Enjoy a variety of free concerts, tours, movies, events, and more! Check the local area chamber website for more information on free area events. Also, don’t be afraid to ask those who are working in the hotel or various venues that you may frequent to find out what’s going on near the resort.

These tips can help you save hundreds on a vacation getaway that is supposed to be stress free, not stress-inducing. Consider all of these things when preparing to book and prepare to pack your piggy bank as you’ll be saving all the way ‘til your return home!