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National Pizza Day – Our Favorite Spots To Grab A Slice in North Myrtle Beach

Here at Tilghman Beach & Golf Resort we love having things to celebrate and we love pizza, so we are super excited that today, February 9th, is National Pizza Day!!

Thanks to Italian immigrants our favorite cheesy snack started to gain popularity in America after World War II and in just a few decades it has become the second most popular fast food in the nation, after hamburgers.

Pizza is such a big deal that 350 slices are sold every second in the U.S and 17% of all restaurants are pizzerias! With so many pizza places out there deciding where to order from can get a bit overwhelming, especially if you are on vacation, but the TBGR staff is here to help!

Here are some of our favorite spots to get pizza in & around North Myrtle Beach:

  • Pam at the front desk loves to get the Big Kahuna pie from Ultimate California Pizza when she can stop by Barefoot Landing, but if it’s a delivery kind of day she’ll probably call Little Caesars to order their Meat Lovers pizza.
  • Dee, without hesitation, told us that her favorite is the pepperoni pizza from Papa John’s with one of their delicious cookie pies for dessert.
  • Main likes her Famous Andy’s pizza topped with pepperoni, ham, and onions!
  • Mod Pizza in the Coastal North Shopping Center is the favorite spot of both our general manager, Lace and Corey from housekeeping! While Corey usually sticks to ham and basil, Lace likes switching toppings and sauces up each time she visits.
  • Rosie, our activities director, doesn’t look for a “New York” slice unless she is actually in New York – but that hasn’t stopped her from having favorite orders at a few different local spots. The Main Slice is her go-to spot for spinach calzones and delicious appetizers; she loves the Aegean platter that comes with spanakopita, falafel & tzatziki from Babaka’s, and she recently discovered that the Sicilian slices from Gino’s re-heat and crisp up perfectly after a few minutes in the air-fryer.
  • Another fan of Gino’s is our homeowner rep, Hannah, who keeps things classic with plenty of cheese as her topping of choice but goes with cheese and pepperoni if she is ordering from Pizza Hut. When looking for a sit-down meal Hannah likes Mellow Mushroom and all of their “build your own” salad and pie options, but highly recommends giving their Caesar salad pie a try!

Thanks to the infinite combinations of dough, cheese, sauce, and toppings, it’s obvious why pizza is such a crowd-pleaser. Learn more about National Pizza Day HERE and we hope our staff recommendations help when planning a pizza party on your next North Myrtle Beach vacation!

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