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Post Hurricane Update from Lazy River Tube Number 5

Lazy River Tube number 5


It’s Lazy River Tube Number 5 again.  After my last blog post, we’ve had a lot of people contact the Resort to see how the Lazy River Tubes did during the Hurricane.

I am proud to say that 2 days before the storm our favorite maintenance person (Jacob) moved us all inside to the indoor pool area.  He stacked us at the window so we could watch the hurricane.  Wow.  It was very intense.   Lots and lots of rain and wind.  The Resort did not lose power during the storm so we were all nice and cozy in the indoor pool area and had lights on so we would not be scared in the dark.

A few days after the storm was over, we got moved back outside and we are now riding guests around in the Lazy River once again.  On behalf of all the Lazy River Tubes – Thank you for your concern during the hurricane.   We hope to see you soon.

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